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Our Hairstylists

Stephanie Saucier

Since I can remember, hair has been my passion. With an intuitive sense of color and year of experience, I guarantee my clients' satisfaction. I offer the most up-do date color options available and use precise techniques from classic to modern. Owning my hair salon has always been my dream and I thank all my beautiful clients for making it come true. 

Karine Legault 

I've always had this goal in mind to make people feel better about themselves. I want all my clients to look in the mirror and be happy with their look. It's instant gratification. I love providing a professional experience to the people sitting in my chair. 

Bryana St-Denis

As her dream of becoming a hairdresser is starting to get realized, Bryana is finally part of our hairstylist crew. She is now taking new clients and she is excited to make you feel beautiful. 

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